Architectural Design and Visualization


BNN Architecture specializes in providing architectural design and visualizations in a wide range of mediums such as watercolor, pen and ink, pencil sketches and digital. Graphical representation is a crucial phase in the conception and communication of architectural design and as such requires a high degree of quality technique for maximum impact.

Barry Nathan is a registered Architect in the State of California and has been in practice in Palo Alto and the Bay Area, California, for the last 35 years.
He is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Witwatersrand before emigrating to the U.S. He has specialised in Architectural Design and visualizations of a wide range of projects working in all graphic media as well as recently associating with a larger office specialising in Hotel and Theater design in Los Angeles

line and color

Line and Color

The combination of line and color offers the most flexibility for conveying concept at the early design stage of a project. The line component may be pencil or pen depending on surface details of the Architecture while color may be marker, pastel, colored pencil or watercolor.

pen and ink

Pen and Ink, Pencil

In some cases it is desired to show form only without the distraction of color. Such visuals have a character of restraint and sophistication conveying the "essence" of the design. Also suitable for newspaper reproduction.


Watercolor and Digital

Traditionally watercolor has been used throughout the ages to evoke mood and atmosphere and may be used for sketches as well as high developed visuals either in hard edge "opaque" or softer "transparent" forms. Recently watercolor is being used in conjunction with hard edge Digital to give the visual a "human touch"

fine art

Fine Art

Samples of sketches of Stanford University and local scenes are included in this portfolio to allow for conveying a range of possible drawing styles able to be used in the communication of ideas.


Typically, visualisation and design development is prepared from client documents which include cad files, floor plans, elevations, sketches, site plans, photos and landscape plans. Client would also provide desired view angles, materials and color samples.


As a registered Architect, BNN is able to provide Architectural design as well as Design development visualisation of client's ideas. These may be in the form of preliminary "concept" sketches at the basic level leading to watercolor, ink line or digital images at the highly finished level.


A basic "wire frame" model will be developed by BNN and submitted to client for review and comment. On approval of basic model by client, further development will proceed including entourage, cars and people. Client will review at progress stages until project is finally completed.


In most if not all cases visuals are "digitally" prepared resulting in a virtual Computer Model that allows for viewing multiple vantage points at an early sage and later rotation, animation and photo rendering if so desired, subject to budget.

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